Bald Dolls Coming Soon!

I found out some very exciting news today!  Coming soon… a bald doll to Toys “R” Us!

I am so excited.  This is a step in the right direction.  Mattel hasn’t agreed to sell any bald Barbies in stores yet, but maybe this will show them that it is a good idea.  It looks like one or more of the “Bratz” dolls will come with a hat.  That is so cute!  I believe this will help kids with cancer & Alopecia.  It will show them that it is okay to be bald, and that they get to wear fun hats too.  I really hope it helps children with Alopecia just as much, because for most of them they will  have to deal with Alopecia for the rest of their life.  I think I want to go to my local hospital and try to find out if I can purchase some dolls for the children there suffering from cancer.  I’m going to visit my local Toys “R” Us once the dolls are out for sale, and I’ll post pictures on here!  I think I will purchase one for myself as a reminder that bald is beautiful too.  I can’t even explain how excited I am to hear this wonderful news.  It warms my heart!  I found this from the company’s website showing celebrities with the dolls…

And this press release from the maker with more information…

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